Pi Day (2022/03/14)

Pi Day 2022 03 14

Piaxid Monochromatic 1/4

Pi is my official and favorite constant and today is 3/14 day when the Pi constant is celebrated.

Let \(C\) and \(d\) respectively be the circumference and diameter of a circle. Then, \(\pi\) is the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter, that is:

\[\pi = \frac{C}{d}\]

Next, I will dedicate some of my best words to Pi:

Pi is an abstraction that is always found in nature but, circles too.

The Pi abstraction is defined by, but not limited to, circles just like, but not limited to, the open balls from the usual Euclidean topological basis populating a whole topological space.

The circle represents perfection as it encloses all the Pi decimals.

Axioms, atomic ideal models, celestial bodies being shaped into spheres due to the gravitational implication, even fruits and beauty are all representations of this perfection.

Smooth curves represent beauty as they consist of continuous functions with continuous derivatives. This leads to functionally creating a cohesive and properly articulated whole.

I have been working under this philosophy set for 5 years and is what I am. I’ll keep writing about Pi as of now.

Pi Day (2022/03/14) Tobias Briones