I Just Turned the Lights Off, Put My Headphones On, and Read This Crazy Paper About SWE Commandments (2022/10/15)

I just turned the lights off, put my headphones on, and read this crazy paper: Programming the Universe: The First Commandment of Software Engineering for all Varieties of Information Systems.

In this article, I tell what I experienced and was thinking today regarding: math, software, philosophy, TLDs, social media, feelings/conclusions, and the paper above that I just found which is about “Programming the Universe”.


I’ve been devising axiomatization and philosophies almost since I started studying math back in ~2017 (I already knew a lot about programming in general/practice), and that’s when I invented Piaxid 🥰 and I’ve been developing the idea over the years. Ever wondered why I recently founded mathematical software engineering? It’s a self-employed undertaking I’ve taken, consisting of many years of dedication to build results to make formal sense of everything.

I found this paper today and seemed interesting to review.

I found it when I was validating (as usual) my central principles about merging math as the universal language into software as a universe (since you can reify real-world systems into software). I mean, math is a universe and software too, then math software is a unique cohesive whole, and that’s why I chose math and software together as my specialization and life project after validating many things like the skills I had developed for years even before the university.

In short, I was searching for interesting stuff and found this paper, so I read it and shared it in this article.

Fun Fact

In that little validation task, I also found arcade.software which I recommended to social media because I liked the way they use the “software” TLD to reference it as a more domain-specific tool, and it looks like an interesting tool I can also employ or recommend.

In other words, I was searching for “site:*.software” in Google 😝.

My specific domain is clearly — after the previous context explanations — math.software (coming soon) to merge two unique universes, following the line of “math software engineering/engineer/dev”. So what called my attention from the paper I found from these searches was: “Programming the Universe” as its title says.

I also have unpublished articles about deep ideas I’ve inferred over the years.

So, I came out with the idea of adding this experience I had today to the blog since I have many other entries in almost done state since months ago (because details matter) but have not been published yet, while this entry is quite fast and easy to build. This entry is actually the first one published to be semiformal and relaxed, so is even (relatively) faster for me to write and publish.

I was going to publish this as a short post to LinkedIn, but I was kind of afraid the public could’ve *stolen* some of my ideas, and I haven’t even bought the super-premium “math.software” name, so the blog is the healthy place to post important information instead, and I avoid giving LinkedIn my content. On the other hand, I think posting to centralized social media is a way of the “poor man’s copyright” too, so that could be an advantage of using social media in this era. I publish mostly everything as open-source/free-culture, but even so, we have to take care of certain attacks like cybersquatting for example.

Paper Review

The paper has crazy ideas like “developing and deploying REAL FUCKING systems”.

It talks about the genome, electronics, and the fact that engineering is not science or even worse: formal science (or math). Finding the “commandments” is not easy at all to universally accept, software has to be reliable nowadays and we as software engineers have to establish those universal rules.

So, I interpreted the following feeling: is software engineering something real that can be factual and deduced from biological/scientific laws to build reliable software or just a human-made-up bunch of tricks (yes, to get stuff done, or cheap software as I call it)?

The paper is crazy, it makes up cringe words that remind me of OOP “principles” 😂. It even translates “the commandment” to Hebrew to add a religious stance.

I don’t endorse it, but you can read its conclusions for some insights.

If I go back and read this paper more deeply I might as well add more thoughts here.


I gave context about the funny stuff I was doing today/weekend while I was searching for some concerning things on Google to refresh my thoughts after a week spent at work that resulted in this article where I explain some concepts I’ve been devising, what I had in mind this day, and the review I made for the crazy paper I found.