Cleaning up Details (2023/10/06)

Cleaning up Details 2023 10 06

Today, an initial set of fixes and enhancements were integrated into the first-class article “Drawing a Tree on Canvas with XY Coordinates” to keep up with the current changes.

These are initial updates that will become major updates to the article[2] in the next integrations.

This update includes several fixes, and enhancements [1]:

It fixes and standardizes many details on the article and EP:

  • Naming standards.
  • Styles (spaces, sizes, others).
  • Small fixes (extra symbol, typo, unnecessary LaTeX, blank line).
  • Dependency updates.
  • Webpack fixes.

These changes can be seen in the article overall and the EP allowing a greater UI and internal experience of the solution tree EP[3].

After a wide interlude, these minor updates made it to production.

Newer updates (in general) will be shipped at a faster cadence thanks to the latest automation and standards I’ve been implementing and publishing. There are more platform standards to publish next, like captions for code snippets.

Therefore, both the platform and projects are receiving updates.

Next, incoming (platform) updates will allow the new and powerful code snippet component, enabling composable captions with features to copy code snippets, and open the underlying source code file (without leaving

It’ll also contain the recently standardized animations for rendering the solution tree and an enhanced article redaction with the principles I’ve been talking about using FP to write article structures.

For example, captions in code snippets will make them cohesive, feature-rich, and browsable —unlike plain snippets.

These new updates will allow the user a more robust and clean experience of the article and its EP. Now, I can immediately keep integrating further major updates.



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